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The Classroom Program of KDE provides an inquiry-based approach to science that is fun and meaningful. NCEAS ecologists and teachers in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Carpinteria schools work with 5th grade classes to design and conduct scientific experiments in ecology.  Students learn the scientific method by doing it, from experimental design and hypothesis, data gathering and analysis, to reporting results and conclusions.

Scientists also talk with students about what ecologists do, how they became interested in becoming ecologists, and how students can train for a career in ecology. Articles on this topic are included on the web site.

Your class will be visited 3 times by an NCEAS scientist. During those visits, your scientist will:

  • Discuss science, ecology, and what she or he does
  • Help your class design a practical ecology experiment that your class can complete in partnership with the scientist
  • Visit your classroom to help supervise the experiment, discuss the results, and help produce a poster for a final poster session and to be published on your class’s web page

Your class will:

  • Learn the scientific process from start to finish with your scientist
  • Participate in final poster session at NCEAS
  • Write up a short final report about their experiment

If you would like to apply for the program or have questions about the program, please contact us.

 Partner with Other Schools

The GLOBE Program
Connects students, teachers and scientists from over 100 participating countries to support hands-on learning to benefit the environment

A partnership between students and scientists to collect data to answer an environmental research question

Journey North: A Global Study of Wildlife Migration and Seasonal Change
Join 11,000 other schools in tracking fall migration patterns and seasonal change.

Square of Life: Studies in Local and Global Environments
A fun way to explore your schoolyard and trade data with other schools.

The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education
Collaborative classroom data sharing projects

Suggested reading list for students of books about science and ecology, including literature of science, fiction, and nature writing

Additional resources for teachers