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Are you still curious about ecology? Do you want to learn more?


Learn more about ecology and other natural sciences

Ecology.com – Ecology information, current events & activities.
EnviroLink – An online information center providing up-to-date environmental information and news.
Fact Monster Science – Information about the major biomes of the world.
Microbe World – All about microbes and careers in microbiology.
Discovery.com – The official Discovery Channel web site.
EcoPros: Ecology Protectors Society – Learn about ecology, natural resources, and what you can do to help the earth.
U.S. EPA Student Center– Learn about the environment and things that you can do to protect it.
U.S. Dept. of the Interior - Just for Kids – This site provides links to government agency kids pages, including USGS and NPS.
Earth & Sky - Your Science Questions – Discover answers to common science questions, or ask your own question.
Natural History of Nova Scotia - Links to information about the various ecosystem habitats of Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Endangered species and conservation biology

Glossary of terms on endangered species and conservation biology
Bagheera's Lair – Explore exciting photos and information to learn more about threatened and endangered species.
The Bear Den – Learn about bear conservation.
US Fish & Wildlife Service – Conservation Pages
US Fish & Wildlife Service – For Kids: Endangered Species
Kiwi Conservation Club – Information about conservation efforts in New Zealand.
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service – Soil conservation questions & answers.
US Fish & Wildlife Service: The Terrific Trees – Information about trees, focused on Pacific Northwest area.
World Wildlife Fund – Learn more about conservation issues and efforts.
The Wild Ones – Information about student activities and endangered species.
Conservation International – Learn about Conservation International's Biodiversity initiative.
NOAA Kid's Corner – Learn all about the oceans and seas.
Coral Reef Conservation Program – Learn all about coral reefs.
NOAA Fascinating Facts about Fish – Discover lots of facts about fish and other marine animals.
Kid's Planet – Defenders of Wildlife
Environmental Protection Agency – Kid's Pages
EndangeredSpecie.com – Kid's Corner

Endangered species information for teachers

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Fun and Informative Links

Discovery Network Kids Page – Interactive games, clips, and information about ecology and science.
Endangered! Exploring a World at Risk – Explore the American Museum of Natural History’s Endangered Species through the Internet.
Global Forests: GF Awesome – Website for kids with lots of fun nature facts, pictures and activities.
Learner.org – Garbage, How can my community reduce waste?
Missouri Botanical Garden – Just for Kids Pages – Learn about ecosystems through slide shows and fun stories.
National Marine Sanctuaries - For Fun – Fun activities and games related to the National Marine Sanctuaries.
National Park Service/ Learn NPS – Games, fun, Junior Rangers.
NOAA's Ark – Photos of marine mammals, birds, and other animals.
NOAA Planet Arcade – Games and interactive activities focused on ocean themes.
NRDC's Green Squad –Kids taking action for greener, healthier schools.
NWF - eNature – Online field guide to animals around the world.
PBS Kids Dragonfly TV – TV shows about nature and living things.
Oceana - Marine Life Encyclopedia – Explore creatures, places and science, or take an online ocean quiz.
Rainforest Alliance Activities for Kids – Color in your favorite rainforest birds, mammals, reptiles and plants in the coloring book or teach yourself about the rainforest with fun experiments, crafts, and quizzes.
Secrets at Sea – Learn more about the marine environment through games, detective work and cartoons.
Smithsonian Animal Photo Galleries – Smithsonian National Zoological Park gallery of animal photos.
Smithsonian Homework Helper – Smithsonian National Zoological Park resources and links for information about wildlife and other animals as well as science media, government agencies, and conservation programs.
The Lorax’s Save the Trees Game – A simple, fun, game made from a classic book.
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet – An interactive way to learn about many sciences, including ecology.
U.S. EPA Games, Videos & Quizes – Fun ways to test your knowledge, learn more about the environment and its importance, and discover things that you can do to protect it.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Kid's Corner – Junior Fish and Wildlife Biologist pages full of games and information.
U. S. National Parks Net – An Internet guide to all of the US National Parks.
World Wildlife Fund – Kids’ Stuff - Nature Games

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