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Making Connections to the World Around Us

Franklin Elementary School
Teacher:  Carol Ann Benson
Scientist: Dr. Carlos Melian

Dr. Melian came to our class and talked about his research and use of models and showed us a presentation.  He took us on a field trip to Rocky Nook Park and we observed the number of various types of animal species in three different kinds of plants: live oak, sycamore tree, and Vinca major.
We recorded data on the association of species with the three kinds of plants.



Certain species are attracted to certain plants. There are plant communities.


  • First, we made a model (without data) by randomly drawing different sized balls (small, medium, large) from a bag  
  • We connected them with a pipe cleaner link
  • Then we charted our data on the board
  • We analyzed the data and examined the model

We learned how to apply this type of data gathering to the world around us.