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Santa Barbara 5th grade classrooms who participate in Kids Do Ecology develop ecology research projects to learn about the scientific method. Some develop class web pages to show the kinds of experiments they do with their ecologists. Here are some ecology research projects that have been done by KDE students.

Adams School – Ms. Chin’s Class 2002
Our scientist is Jess Morris. She helped us learn about how vegetation helps prevent runoff.

Adams School – Ms. Rogers-O'Reilly’s Class 2001
We tried to grow California poppies under different conditions with our scientist Parviez Hasseini. We planted some in soil and others in sand. Then we watered them either with plain water, salt water, or a mixture of plain water and salt water.

Cleveland School – Ms. Hines-Knight’s Class 2001
We worked with Tarlie Harris and Melissa Mascali to learn about Pelicans

Franklin School – Mrs. Benson 2004
Our scientist was Florencia Campon. We worked with real, live spiders and she helped us learn about whether big or small spiders win contests over a web.

Franklin School – Mrs. Osborn 2004
Our scientist was Sarah Abramson. She helped us learn about how quickly different types of trash biodegrade over time.

Franklin School – Ms. Bagish’s Class 2002
Our scientist is Chris Pyke. He helped us learn about California Gnatcatchers and Florida Panthers.

Franklin School – Ms. Benson’s Class 2001

Our scientists, Carol Thornber and Risa Goldstein, helped us do an experiment looking at how different pollutants affect the growth of plants.

Harding School – Mr. Frick’s Class 2001
We are working on an ecology project with our classroom scientists, Stephanie Romanach and Rick Wilder.

Monroe School – Mrs. Goldsmith 2004
Our scientist was Mark Torchin. He brought sea stars into our class and helped us learn about whether sea stars choose to eat big or small mussels.

Monroe School – Mrs. Pisacane’s Class 2001
Our scientists, Helen Regan and Toni Mizerek, helped us learn about conservation biology. For the class experiment, we all used dice to represent Condors, an endangered species, We tracked a population over time, both with and without conservation strategies.

Peabody School – Mr. Wilcox 2004
Our scientist was Tom Adam. He helped us learn about how island size and closeness to the mainland affects the number of species that arrive to the islands.

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