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Welcome to the Cleveland School Web Page for Ms. Hines Knight's class!


Our motto: We are the solution to pollution

Ecology is important because...

...if you don't take care of the earth, there will be no earth. Bryan Rodriquez
...if we use too much of the earth, then what will be left for our children? Adrian Guzman
...we need to know how to store the trash so there will be room for all of it. Erika Rodriquez

class picture
Our class on Anacapa Island

An interview with our ecologists
Conducted by the students of Room II, May 7, 2001

Our ecologists are Tarlie Harris and Melissa Mascali. Tarlie has her undergraduate degree in ecology and biology; Melissa has hers in biology and geology. Both will get their Master's degrees in Environmental Science and Management in Spring 2001.

Q: Do you practice what you teach about ecology, or do you just teach about it?
I try to use less harmful products.
I buy things that can be recycled. For instance, styrofoam is difficult to recycle; paper can be recycled.

Q: Why don't they remove the harmful things from the storm drains?
Sometimes storm drains have filters, or compartments that filter oil and other pollutants out. But if the drains are already built without these filters, it's too difficult and expensive to fix them.

Q: Can styrofoam be recycled?
Styrofoam can be recycled, but it is very very expensive. It is better for people to make wise choices to begin with. It is much easier to prevent pollution than to clean it up.

Q: Why does the city buy garbage?
Well, it is the best choice. What else could they do? Burning is worse, since it pollutes the air. Sometimes a solution to a problem, like burning garbage, has more problems than another solution, like burying. Everything affects everything else. The solution is to reduce the trash. Environmentalists are working to get companies to break down their own products. Computer companies are starting to take back old computers, disassemble them and reuse the parts.

Q: What are your goals in life?
I want to use everything I've learned.
I want to help big businesses know what things they can do for the environment that they can afford to do.