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Santa Barbara 5th grade students have been busy this spring with Kids Do Ecology. Check out their experiments on the links below.

Cleveland School – Mrs. Huntley Our scientist was Richard Stevens. He helped us learn about plant growth on a water gradient.

Franklin School – Mrs. Bagish Our scientist was Tiffany Knight. She helped us learn about how pollution affects fairy shrimp.

Franklin School – Mrs. Benson Our scientist was Florencia Campon. We worked with real, live spiders and she helped us learn about whether big or small spiders win contests over a web.

Franklin School – Mrs. McCormick Our scientist was Julie Quinn. She helped us learn about how quickly mold grows on bread handled with clean and dirty hands.

Franklin School – Mrs. Osborn Our scientist was Sarah Abramson. She helped us learn about how quickly different types of trash biodegrade over time.

Franklin School – Mrs. Vasquez Our scientist was Diego Vazquez. Through a field experiment he helped us learn why pollinators visit some flowers more than others.

Monroe School – Mrs. Church Our scientists were Julie Simpson and Ben Ruttenberg. They helped us learn about stream pollution in areas with and without riparian plants.

Monroe School – Mrs. Goldsmith Our scientist was Mark Torchin. He brought sea stars into our class and helped us learn about whether sea stars choose to eat big or small mussels.

Peabody School – Mrs. Althoen Our scientist was Katie Arkema. She helped us learn about water quality, and if stream water quality can be tested by observing the type of macroinvertebrates that live in the streams.

Peabody School – Mr. Wilcox Our scientist was Tom Adam. He helped us learn about how island size and closeness to the mainland affects the number of species that arrive to the islands.